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Veneers can be a perfect solution for chipped, crooked or discoloured teeth and even for closing gaps. These are a very thin piece of material, often porcelain, used to create a new front for your tooth, which are highly resilient and won’t stain as easily as your natural teeth. Depending upon the type of veneer, they can be fitted in as little as one simple appointment. In some cases we may need to create a mould of your teeth: our highly trained and experienced technicians use this to create your bespoke set of veneers which are then fitted to your teeth using a special adhesive. They are created to look and feel just like natural teeth, and are simple to look after as they require no special aftercare. Giving you a perfect, sparkling smile for years.



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How long will a veneer last?

Veneers should last for many years; but they can chip or break, just as your own teeth can. Your dentist will tell you how long each individual veneer should last. Small chips can be repaired, or a new veneer fitted if necessary.

How long will it take?

A veneer takes at least two visits: the first to prepare the tooth and to match the shade, and the second to fit it. Before bonding it in place, your dentist will show you the veneer on your tooth to make sure you are happy with it. Bonding a veneer in place is done with a special adhesive, which holds it firmly on the tooth.

Will I need a temporary cover between visits?

A temporary cover or veneer will be placed once the tooth has been prepared. When multiple teeth are prepared for veneers, multiple temporary covers will be required.  The tooth will look very much the same after preparation, but will feel slightly less smooth.

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