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Lip volume



Many people find they are not satisfied with the size of their lips, fillers offer a low risk, non-permanent way to enhance the size.  The lips will be 'frozen' with dental anaesthetic so that the actual procedure of injecting fillers is painless.

The thickest, longest lasting filler is used for providing volume to the lip and as a result the effects will last for upto 6 months.  Due to the regular movement of the lips the filler is broken down more quickly than if it were placed in the cheeks, for example.

It can be useful to inject botulinum toxin at the same time to get the best of both materials.  Typically 1 or 2 syringes will give an acceptable enhancement to the volume, although, this is a personal choice.  


Recommended filler: Teosyal RHA, Teosyal Global Action, Belotero Intense, Juvederm Volift.




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