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Sedation dentistry is a simple procedure that dentists as well as other medical professionals can use on their patients during any surgery which is potentially painful or lengthy. It uses medication to put the patient in a very relaxed, dreamlike state whilst having surgery carried out. Therefore, sedation dentistry means that the patient does not feel the stress and anxiety that they may usually feel prior to visiting the dentist and the dental procedure taking place.



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How safe is sedation in dentistry?

Its very safe, statistically it is safer than local anaesthetics. Our fully qualified and trained dentists will monitor you throughout the procedure and insure that you are fine and not in any danger.

Will I sleep when I'm sedated?

No. You will always be conscious when sedated at the dentist. However, the level of sedation achieved depends on the type of sedation you choose. IV sedation will give the fastest and deepest sedation. Whichever method you choose, you will be relaxed and not bothered by what the dentist is doing.

Will I be fully alert after my appointment?

No, depending on what type of sedation you choose, you will not recover fully by the time you leave the practice. Therefore, you should not plan to drive for the rest of the day and should organise for a responsible adult to escort you to and from the clinic.

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